Rent a Mobility Scooter for a Cruise

The new ocean ships are very large and very difficult to fully enjoy freedom and independence. Going ashore is a key part of cruising and a scooter allows the full pleasure and freedom to see the sights!

The river cruise ships are perfect for going ashore along the river towns in the US and Europe. Imagine riding a scooter off the boat directly onto a sidewalk in Germany.

We have scooters and they will give you that opportunity to enjoy your holiday without fatigue and loss of energy.

We offer 2 types of scooters: A 27 pound portable for land excursions along with your cruise. We will ship this to your home before you leave.

We also offer a standard scooter delivered to your ocean cruise ship cabin in most ports in the US and Europe.

Our rates are based on your needs, length of trip and a few other issues. Call us today: 775-376-8491.

GoGo Cruise Scooter
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