The Rental Process

Our rental fleet of scooters are offered because they are truly portable.

We’ll ship a scooter to your home or hotel by UPS. Set up your scooter and ride it awhile. Collapse it and load it into the car and take it with your other luggage to your final destination. our scooters are ADA compliant and all airlines will accept them as checked luggage at no charge. When you arrive, set it up and "enjoy".

At the end of your trip, pack it back into the shipping case, fly or drive home with it. Carefully repack it into the case and we'll send UPS to pick it up. Just tell us the exact date and be sure you are there to meet the driver. If you miss the driver or the scooter is not ready to go, a $25 added pick up fee will be assessed.

Our rates are based on the dates you need the scooter. We do not charge rent for the days it is enroute to you, or back to us. You can check the rates here to determine the total amount.

Call us for more info at 775-376-8491.

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